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Linking the Generations and Building Strong Families Project

Our newest project entails using our privileged positions to work for the betterment of mankind. It is not about party affiliation, religious beliefs, social class, skin color, national identity, sexual preference, the size of individual/family bank accounts, and economic worth or any other artificial “barriers” that policy makers have erected. It is about using the abundant resources that we are blessed with for the benefit of real people as opposed to spending so much on wars/armed conflicts, that destroy human beings and infrastructure that cannot be replaced, ever.


In-depth questions we should all ask ourselves include:


        How are you doing in the face of globalization and rapid social change?

        How are you raising your children, caring for your aged family members and joggling other roles? 

        What are the challenges you face daily if you are a caregiver?

        How can we help you make things better for your families?


Our main goals are to:


        Raise funds in the next 5 years.

        Recruit devoted and socially conscious social scientists to travel the globe and have focus group conversations with women and basically ask the share information pertaining to the care of the family.

        Take the information gathered and bring them to the centers of power around the world (i.e. Washington DC, the UN, major capitals of the nations of the world) and use this information to lobby and get policies and programs that will make a real difference in the lives of real people and improve on the quality of life and the life chances of the powerless of the world in the midst of all the mayhem of war, terrorism and all the multiple global conflicts.

        Our main goal is to restore, provide hope, tangible assistance, build bridges and make sure we give the youth of the world hope and a real chance.


For details please contact:


Paulina Khumbah. Ph. D.

Sociological Practitioner

Cell phone:    443-925-9997


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